Starter Pokémon (also known as "Starters") are the Pokémon that you can start with. In the main series, the player often has the choice of 3 starter Pokémon, which usually are Grass-, Water-, and Fire-Types, forming what's known as the "Type Triangle" (Water beats Fire, Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water). Each generation has 3 different starter Pokémon.(except for one, which has 5, since Pikachu and Eevee are added.

In UnovaRPG, the player chooses a starter Pokémon when he/she creates an account. The Pokémon starts at level 12, and can be found on maps (also at level 12).

Starter Pokémon by GenerationEdit

Generation IEdit

001 Bulbasaur (Grass-Poison)

Charmander (Fire)

Squirtle (Water)

Pikachu (Electric)

Eevee (Normal)

Generation IIEdit

im the worst

Cyndaquil (Fire)

Totodile (Water)

Generation IIIEdit

Treecko (Grass)

Torchic (Fire)

Mudkip (Water)

Generation IVEdit

Turtwig (Grass)

Chimchar (Fire)

Piplup (Water)

Generation VEdit

Snivy (Grass)

Tepig (Fire)

Oshawott (Water)

Generation VIEdit

Chespin (Grass)

Fennekin (Fire)

Froakie (Water)

Generation VIIEdit

Rowlet (grass)

Litten (fire)

Popplio (water)

List of maps with starter Pokémon in UnovaRPGEdit

Slateport City: Bulbasaur

Lilycove City: Charmander

Route 119: Squirtle

Route 120: Chikorita

Rustboro City: Cyndaquil

Dewford Town: Totodile

Mauville City: Treecko

Lavaridge Town: Torchic, litten

Petalburg City: Mudkip

Fortree City: Turtwig, Snivy

Mossdeep City: Chimchar, Tepig

Sootopolis City: Piplup, Oshawott

Trivia / Fun FactsEdit

  • In the early versions of UnovaRPG (during the Pokémon Indigo era), possessing Shiny Starters was illegal and could get you banned.
  • Before the starters-in-maps update, low-level or basic-stage starters were often traded for rare Pokémon such as Arceus, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza and sometimes Mothim. And it was considered a good deal.
  • Bulbasaur is the only basic-stage starter to ever have a secondary type in the main series. However, this was useless in UnovaRPG, since secondary types were introduced in the game after a very long time. Before that, there were no secondary types.
  • Swampert (Mudkip's Stage 2 evolution) is the starter Pokémon with the highest overall stats, with a base stat total of 535.
  • Three of the six Fire-Type starters have a Fire-Fighting Type Stage 2 evolution. These Pokémon are Torchic, Chimchar and Tepig.