Regigigas is a legendary Normal-Type Pokémon first introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. In UnovaRPG, he's considered one of the strongest Pokémon in the game, boasting a massive 160 Attack and 110/110/110


Regigigas' UnovaRPG sprite

defenses, plus access to Focus Punch and the elemental punches.

Base StatsEdit

HP: 110

Attack: 160

Defense: 110

Sp. Attack: 80

Sp. Defense: 110

Speed: 100


Regigigas is pretty straightforward to use.

☀Regigigas can use Thunder Wave, that should be your first move. Then, just wreck things up with Focus Punch or one of your other moves (Which probably will be Earthquake and one of the punches, most likely Ice Punch). Do that and the match is yours for the taking. Recovery isn't an issue as much as it is with Slaking, first, because Regigigas is bulkier, and second, Thunder Wave shuts down potential threats. Use this guy if you're having trouble with something, 90% of the time a good Focus Punch is the solution.Counter-Strategy

There isn't much you can do about this thing. Once he T-Waves a Pokémon, consider that Pokémon dead, because if you even survive the Focus Punch, there's still a 50% chance of your Pokémon not doing anything. Although, there's also that 50% chance of you counter-attacking... and the best way to do so is to T-Wave Regigigas back or using a sleep-inducing move like Spore or Hypnosis. Any of those will shut down Regigigas and he won't be that much of a threat anymore. But that's just ONE Regigigas down. In Live Battles, some people think it's fun to use a FULL TEAM of them and annoy the other players. So watch out for those people.