Emboar is a Fire-Type Pokémon and it's the Stage 2 evolution of Tepig. Emboar's most oustanding feature is its whopping 123 base Attack and access to Flare Blitz. With 110/65/65 defenses, Emboar's got enough bulk and power to be considered a threat, and players should be careful when facing it.

Emboar's UnovaRPG sprite


HP: 110

Attack: 123

Defense: 65

Sp. Attack: 100

Sp. Defense: 65

Speed: 65


Emboar's a pretty straightforward Pokémon to use, but it is recommended that you use it only once you already have some experience with the game, since he's pretty easy to counter and can be knocked out easily if you're not careful. Still, when used correctly, Emboar's a force to be reckoned with.

So, the basic strategy with Emboar is to pretty much Flare Blitz everything, unless it's an opposing Fire-Type, where you have the choice of Head Smash or Earthquake. Power or reliability, your choice. Water-Types are also something to watch out for, but normally Solarbeam takes care of that, especially with that nice base 100 Sp. Attack. Physical walls might be a problem, but there's a powerful STAB Fire Blast for them. The REAL threat to Emboar is Dragon-Types, they resist Emboar's STAB and most of them carry something to take care of Fire-Types. But once they're gone, Emboar is free to play around and demolish teams to its heart's content.


ANY Dragon can wall Emboar. So can any Pokémon with 100+ base HP and 65+ base Sp. Def.

Also, Paralysis is Emboar's nightmare. It shuts Emboar down, rendering it nearly completely useless, and doesn't even let it avenge its teammates, something Emboar's usually quite good at. A paralyzed Emboar is about as useful as a level 5 Magikarp. No joke.